Futuous (VR) – in progress

A VR interractive horror game


Following the after midnight of 11th of April, where Mark,the main protagonist, finds himself awake in an unknown place, looking like a forest. Shortly after waking up, he finds himself in a presence of another entity, which he finds is Henry-his evil personality .
Mark must take a journey, uncovering, what had conspired the night before and who exactly is Henry. After a short while, Mark, after a while following the light, realises he is still in the same place he started.But different.
Is it his mind acting up or is he in a different world ?


  • Multiple Narration
  • Serial killer Thriller story
  • Multi choice story,led by actions
  • Infinite loop (PT style)
  • Psychological horror
  • Atmospheric scenary


Each of the characters is a sub-consciousness of Mark. Each having a different way of thinking, although similar.

  • Mark – Our main protagonist, aka the Player. Mark is an innocent young adult trying to figure what is going on. He’s also the main consciousness of the three (the original)
  • Henry – The evil sub-consciousness, involved in several

murders, also responsible for Mark being in the woods late at night


Josh – Mark’s third sub-consciousness, the only voice of relief that Mark has, while finding himself in the woods. But Josh plays another game, he isn’t interested in helping Mark at all.

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