Sluggish Ways of Chernobyl (VR)


An over the top virtual interactive story about a slug named Ian, that is swept away from his home and family by an unprecedented storm and is forced to rely on his survival instincts to find his way home again. The user will make use of Leap Motion and the Oculus Rift in order to navigate the Pripyat forestland, post-Chernobyl explosion. The story is accompanied by dark tones and humour via David Attenborough style narration.


Based near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, a regular slug named Ian is swept away from his home and family by a freakish radiation storm. Confused and disorientated, Ian is then forced to piece together what has happened by discovering clues around him.

Upon searching the area, Ian stumbles across a mysterious abandoned shack in the woods. Once inside, he is drawn towards a fluorescent, irradiated mushroom sitting at the other side of the room.

With hunger setting-in and fear of hungry predators roaming the area, Ian has no choice but to eat the mushroom. Once the strange nausea has subsided, Ian falls asleep and awakens the next morning to find that he has become stronger, and seems to have developed a new unique ability. He quickly realises that the mushroom had developed supernatural properties due to the radiation storm.

Before returning home, Ian must firstly investigate what has happened to the environment. He quickly notices two distinct routes that he may take, one leading North and one South. Well-rested and stronger than ever, Ian sets out in search of clues, but must choose which path to take in search of destiny.


  • Narrator induced dark humour
  • Vivid elaborate scenery
  • Immersive, part historical, part fictional dialogue

Player Motivation

  • Experience the dark humor of the Narrator as he describes your journey, journeying to either witness the destruction of nature, caused by the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant or to humanity.

Design Goals

  • Humour: The narrative should be entertaining to the user; they should find the speech both interesting and entertaining, as it is one of the main features in this experience.
  • Curiosity: The product should be capable to achieving a certain degree of curiosity from the user, as they progress further through the story; the user should have questions such as “What happened here?”, “Why am I a slug?”, “What is going to happen next?”. The last question is key, as it will be a driving point for player motivation.
  • Immersion: The user should feel completely immersed in the settings, regardless of the setup (Referencing the character being a slug). They should feel as though the experience they are having is genuine and that there are truly in Pripyat.
                                                                                                                                                                          (note: Taken from the HCD)

This was a group project,with me being the main Level Designer  .designing from paper prototype to low program level to implementation .

Challenges :
The biggest challenge here was to introduce an Interactive story ,from the view of a slug ,while unleashing the sense of discovery and curiosity.

The level design had to be re-adjusted accordingly to work with Virtual Reality goggles and  Motion Leap Technology.(From a Windmill on a hill with the slug going around it ,we inserted a path in the middle)

If you have 10-15 minutes to spare and you are a fan of David Attenborough’s voice , try the produced demo. If you have a VR headset and motion leap ,you just have to .
Sluggish Ways of Chernobyl

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Most of the Source Code

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